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Geoscience 1: Metals and Minerals for Society

“Why Geoscience is Important” This is part one of a six part series. This series outlines the six major areas of geoscience that have a major impact on society. In part one, we take a look at metals and minerals. A mineral is a naturally-occurring, inorganic solid compound found in the Earth... WATCH

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MANITOULIN ISLAND, ONTARIO: Visit Manitoulin Island and see rock spanning from the Precambrian to the Silurian. This area was once home to large shallow-water coral reef systems that was populated by a diverse array of organisms! If you have trouble opening the map, please click here. Choose a different tour here.

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GeoscienceINFO is working hard to be your one-stop site for information about the Earth beneath your feet, how it formed, how it behaves, and its rich bounty.

Explore virtual field trips in Ontario, Canada, and get to know the rich geologic story this province has to tell! Have a look at the latest news and discoveries in the world of geoscience with our Geoscience Headlines and Recent News sections. Keep your eye on this site for new and interactive resources about geoscience  - Coming Soon!

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GeoscienceINFO offers free virtual field trips to places all across the beautiful province of Ontario! Each trip provides a number of interesting geological stops, accompanied by a story of its geologic history. Photos of outcrops and hand samples are also provided, to help illustrate either what the environment looked like millions of years ago, or the effects of a major event such as a meteor impact.

Whether used to prepare for your upcoming trip into the field, as a teaching tool in the classroom, or browsing at home, GeoscienceINFO virtual field trips are a great way to get to know this spectacular province. It really is yours to discover!

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