what we do

GeoscienceINFO provides reliable information about the geology of Ontario, and the processes that formed this beautiful province. Our aim is to bring these geological stories to your fingertips in an accessible and fun way. Use GeoscienceINFO as a guide in the field, or bring the outdoors into your class or home by visiting a virtual field trip. GeoscienceINFO is partnered with its parent company the APGO Education Foundation. Find out more about the Foundation at https://www.apgoedfoundation.ca/about.

our products

GeoRoutes are virtual field trips featuring a collection of stops accessible by car, that tell the geological story of an area. Each stop offers a description of the geological history of the stop and how it fits into the regional geology, a collection of photos of the outcrop at the stop, detailed hand sample photos of the rocks, and a list of terms used at the stop and their definitions. See Brochure

GeoPark goes into greater detail about the geological story of a particular region in Ontario. This may include stops that can be visited in person or accessed virtually from home or in the classroom. See Brochure

Are you interested in going on a 1-to-3-hour hike along a seasoned trail, or experiencing a hike virtually from your home or classroom, and learning about the relevant geology along the way? If so, then GeoHikes are for you! GeoHikes feature a collection of stops along a fun hike in nature. You are encouraged to take some time at each stop, read about the interesting geological features that are visible, use the many interactive photos and features to orient yourself, then move on to the next stop. See Brochure

Just because you’re in the city, doesn’t mean there isn’t geology all around you! Urban GeoWalks are 1-3-hour walks in an urban setting that feature a collection of stops that have geological relevance. Learn about the geological significance of the building stones in different buildings, statues, and rocks used as ornamentation in gardens! If you are unable to visit in person, our many interactive features such as 360-degree photos and 3D LiDAR models provide an immersive learning experience. See Brochure

With over 150,000 views on YouTube, our short and informative GeoVideos explicitly describe geoscientific processes. Our videos provide a major understanding of the exciting geology and environmental history of Ontario.

Visit our GeoBlog, Beneath Your Feet: A Geoscience Blog, to read from a variety of articles with a wide range of geoscience topics. Articles are written by experts in the field, along with geoscience students that are happy to share what they are working on.