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Safety. The virtual field trips offered on this website are for information purposes only, and GeoscienceINFO does not ensure the safety or accessibility of any site. If you choose to visit any site, you do so at your own risk, and GeoscienceINFO assumes no legal liability or responsibility for any injuries or damages that occur to you or your property. When appropriate, GeoscienceINFO attempts to alert the user to sites that pose risk of injury; however, it is to be assumed by the user that all field trip sites posted on this website may present the risk of injury or damage, and the user assumes responsibility for all injuries and damages incurred to their person or property.

When visiting any site, be aware of all risks associated with that location. Outcrops located beside roads or highways require extra caution. All members of your party should remain together on the same side of the road, and should stay as far away from the road as possible. Wear bright clothing to increase your visibility to passing vehicles. Avoid climbing outcrops. If you do so, you climb at your own risk. Do not climb outcrops that are loose, unconsolidated, or unstable. Avoid bodies of water, and maintain a safe distance from cliffs or escarpments. Do not travel alone, and be sure to always carry a first-aid kit, water, and information for the nearest emergency station.

GeoscienceINFO makes a reasonable attempt to ensure the accuracy of all information presented in the field trip guides; however, this does not guarantee the information’s accuracy, relevancy, or currency. It is the responsibility of the user to verify content on this site.

Private property and access. Most field trip sites offered on this website are on public land; however, there are some sites that are on private property. GeoscienceINFO makes a reasonable attempt to inform the user which sites are on private property; however, because ownership may change with time, it does not guarantee that sites that are located on private property are identified as such. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to identify which sites are located on private property. GeoscienceINFO strongly recommends that the user does not visit, in person, sites located on private property; however, if the user chooses to visit such sites, they must contact the property owner prior to visiting and obtain permission to access the property.

Collecting. GeoscienceINFO strongly believes that all geological outcrops and exposures should be preserved for future generations. As such, we ask that all users refrain from using tools such as, but not limited to, rock hammers to sample or alter any outcrop or exposure. GeoscienceINFO recommends photos, not samples. Persons visiting any field trip site must adhere to both the rules and guidelines stated by the property owner, and the rules set out by Ontario’s official “Mineral Collecting Policy” (https://www.geologyontario.mndm.gov.on.ca/mines/lands/policies/leases_licences_patents/lp701-1_e.html).



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