Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new blog, "Beneath Your Feet: A Geoscience Blog."
A hiker standing on a rock overlooking a blue mountain range. Logo on top of the photo reads "Beneath Your Feet. A Geoscience Blog."

Welcome to GeoscienceINFO.com’s new blog! “Beneath Your Feet: A Geoscience Blog” was aptly named to reflect the exploration that we want to inspire in our readers. If you’re a nature lover, science-curious person, geoscience student, or considering a career in geology, we hope that you will find this blog interesting and fun!

We’ve invited many different researchers, students, and professionals to write their stories about their lives and experiences with geology. Get tips for your research, connect with other rock nerds, or learn about the geology of the landscape around you.

If you have any questions or want to write an article of your own, please email us at beneathyourfeetblog@geoscienceinfo.com



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